tisdag 27 mars 2012

I am so lucky, lucky!!
Today one of the most rare Ponies was waiting on my doorstep and he was smileing to me. He is not so rare as Mimic is(Shes a Twinkle eyed Pony, it means she has bead eyes that sparkle in the light). This is a Moutain Boy Pony. They look like Big Brother Ponies, but isnt really. This kind of Ponies was not(as i have heard), sold in UK. It may even have different ribbons, brushes and such, but as i have know it, it should be a green frog brush, which i allready have.
The name os the Pony is Ice Crystal. Its a good name, becaouse he has got ice crystals as his symbol.

Before i had styled him he looked like this (Picture under). I will explain how to style and clean a Pony some other day ^_^

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